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35,841 BTC Liquidated from Mt.Gox Stash, 166,344 to Go

Earlier today, Mt. Gox released their first report indicating liquidation of their funds by the Bankruptcy Trustee, Nobuaki Kobayashi.

Based on the reports, approximately 35,000 Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash were sold:

This results in a total of 166,344 BTC remaining:

Based on some sleuthing by internet hounds, we've also discovered that 18,000 of those 35,000 Bitcoins were sold the day before we hit $6000 on February 6th.

While the Mt. Gox trustee indicated that he's looking to maximize the amount of fiat currency he gets from the Bitcoin sales, these massive sales are certainly heavily impacting the price of Bitcoin and will likely continue doing so until the remainder of his 168,000 amount is liquidated. 

The rebound to 10k shows that the market has capacity for absorbing these counts, but based on his past history, we may expect another dip or two coming up in the future.

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